Currently, in Zimbabwe, chickens and crops vital to their communities are dying due to the unforgiving drought gripping the country. Farmers are being put out of work and many of their families are going hungry. As we face the pressing challenge of water scarcity, we must come together to ensure the resilience of our community and the livelihoods of our women farmers. As an organization dedicated to empowering women and promoting sustainability in unserved communities, we work with farmers to create sustainable food systems and support economic independence for African women, providing a holistic approach to job creation and education. We are committed to supporting our farming community through this drought. Here are a few things we are doing to help:

We are shifting our focus from crop production to egg production. With water becoming increasingly scarce, we must adapt our farming practices to thrive in these challenging conditions. By shifting our focus from traditional crop cultivation to egg production, we not only ensure a vital source of income for our women farmers but also reduce the strain on our water resources.

We are planting trees to invest in a sustainable future. Combatting desertification is paramount to preserving our land for future generations. Through the planting of low-water-tolerant trees, we not only mitigate the effects of drought but also empower our women to take an active role in environmental conservation.

We are monitoring water levels and planning ahead. Our commitment to sustainability extends to proactive measures to safeguard our water supply, which currently holds 1,500 liters of water. With ongoing assessments of our wells’ water tables and strategic investments in additional water storage capacity, we’re taking tangible steps to ensure our community’s resilience in the face of adversity. 

While we promise to take every step necessary to ensure that none of our program’s participants go hungry, we cannot do it without your help. By donating to the Zimbabwe Farm Project, you’re not just investing in a single initiative; you’re investing in the future of our community and the sustainability of our planet. Together, we can turn the tide against drought, empower our women farmers, and build a future where prosperity and sustainability go hand in hand. Join us in making a difference today.