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Ayanna Nahmias

Ayanna Nahmias, PMP

Founder and Executive Director
2016 – Present

As founder and executive director, Ayanna leverages her social entrepreneurship to successfully lead this international 501(c)3 non-profit to impact society positively. Her focus on sustainable women’s empowerment initiatives in Africa is informed by her childhood experiences living in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Ayanna used the proceeds from her work as an Information Technology consultant to establish the Zimbabwe Farm Project in 2015. Her rich and diverse background and eighteen years of experience as a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) provide the foundation for the charity’s continued success. 

Her international experience and ability to manage remote teams reflect a global perspective and the capability to navigate diverse working environments. Her experience has equipped her with the skills to navigate complex enterprise solutions using Agile methodologies in the role of executive director, enabling Ayanna to guide the organization towards a growth trajectory.

As a daughter of Africa, it was vital for her to honor her father’s legacy after his passing in Zimbabwe in 2015 and her mother, a former board member who passed on March 16, 2023. Her parents, Pan-Africanists, believed in and worked for Africa’s empowerment and self-determination. She carries on this dream and is committed to “leaving the world a better place than the one into which she was born.”

Charles Chirwa

Project Manager

Charles Chirwa is the Project Manager at Zimbabwe Farm Project, responsible for all farm logistics and administration. Charles has over 12 years of experience in farm logistics and management, including practical experience in commercial farming of tobacco, corn beans, sunflowers, potatoes, poultry and macadamia nuts production. His experience also includes managing teams spanning over 100 people which has included working with women and girls to success. He has previously worked at Three Sister Farms. He also has experience in creating market linkages of local produce to local supermarkets and other companies including Ethical Leaf Tobacco and CLT. Charles believes that “if we empower women through agriculture, we empower the whole nation”.

Call:+263 77 273 9408

Keresenzia Maponga

Poultry Manager

Keresenzia Maponga is the Poultry Manager at Zimbabwe Farm Project.  She is responsible for ensuring the welfare of the flock, feed management, vaccinations, production performance and sales reports. Additionally, she manages and motivates a team of women planting, weeding, and harvesting vegetables by hand. She acts as a liaison for local women working on the farm and management, including monitoring time and attendance, assigning tasks and work assignments around the farm. has been working in the agriculture sector for the past 10-years. Before joining the Zimbabwe Farm Project, she worked at other local farms, leading large teams of farm workers and ensuring production of natural, high-quality foods to local communities. Keresenzia believes that women are able to do anything they have set their mind to, if they are given enough support.

Alvin Kalira, Esq.

Legal Advisor

Alvin Kalira is the project legal Advisor at Zimbabwe Farm Project. He is our legal advisor with areas of support in contracts and labor law. He is currently a Senior associate of the firm Musengi and Sigauke. He graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a LLBS (Hons) degree and holds qualifications as a legal practitioner, conveyancer, and notary public. Alvin is well trained in civil and criminal litigation though he is particularly interested in labor law, corporate law and intellectual property law. He is also a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Institute of Patents and Trademarks Association (ZIPTA) and board member for Christian College of Southern Africa. He has a penchant for the outdoors and enjoys reading particularly motivational books. Alvin believes that “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”

Beatrice Ngwenya

Training Manager

Beatrice Ngwenya is the training Manager at Zimbabwe Farm Project. She is responsible for designing, delivering, and measuring impact of capacity building training for local women and girls partnering with Zimbabwe farm project. Beatrice holds a Sociology Degree and master’s degree in Development Studies with Women’s University. She has over 25+years of experience in designing, delivering, and evaluating training for children, youth and adults (including both males and females), expatriates, diplomats and locals employing participatory, peer to peer and knowledge sharing training formats. She is passionate about gender equality and the emancipation of women. Beatrice believes that “if women are given the right capacity, the sky will not even be the limit for their empowerment”

Norman T Shito

Finance Officer

Disciplined University of Zimbabwe student with a focused ambition to work withinthe Accounting field and beyond. I have built a sound knowledge of focusingthroughstudies and research. Specialized in cooperate finance and financial economics. I have a high degree of self-motivation, critical thinking, teamplayer and innovative. Eager to join Zimbabwe Farm projects because it improves women’slifeinagricultural communities. Believe that “Setting goals is the first step in turningtheinvisible into the visible.

Africa Vertical is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization . We empower women using social entrepreneurship and employment initiatives. We implement innovative, sustainable permaculture solutions and organic farming for food security.

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