We want to introduce you to one Mrs. Esnath Makanza. She is one of our program participants who benefit directly from your financial support of as little as $30 per month, less than $1 a day.

The Challenge

For seven years, the Zimbabwe Farm Project has served an important role as a philanthropic leader in the Mazowe region of East Mashonaland. In November 2015, this project became the incubator for an idea and a nonprofit organization providing employment, food, and clean water to hundreds of women and children. The lack of infrastructure to support good jobs and, in some cases, the ability to pay for adequate shelter led to public health concerns. This is the situation that hundreds of women found themselves in, running out of resources before securing a job that was aligned with their skills.

The Solution

Vimbai Majoni was one such individual, but she is now able to meet the needs of her family through the program by growing and selling organic vegetables, earning an income that allows her to pay for her children’s clothes and school fees, and telling her story without diminishing her humanity.

The Result

The overarching goal of these resources will be to support the women of the Zimbabwe Farm Project in addressing the humanitarian needs of families living in a rural community through the assistance of this grassroots organization focused on capacity building, convening, and infrastructure development.
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